Own & Loan 2024/25

OWN AND LOAN 2024/2025

To OWN AND LOAN a jersey for the 24/25 season head to the STORM SUPPORT APP and the ‘Own & Loan’ section for the latest availability and prices!


All Own and Loans will start with an auction of all the player’s regular season jerseys. Each jersey will have a starting price and a ‘buy it now’ price. You can bid via the app. If you bid at the ‘buy it now’ price, the auction for that jersey will end immediately. Otherwise, the auction will end at the specified time detailed on our social posts. Any unsold jerseys will go on general sale at their starting price.



Player Home 1 Home 2 Away Alternate Warm Up
#32 Alex Oldale          
#35 Evan Weninger          
#6 Chase Harrison          
#9 Tyler Hinam          
#12 Stephen Johnson          
#14 Loren Ulett          
#23 Johnny Corneil          
#27 CJ Garcia          


Terms and Conditions:

Once you purchase your favourite player’s 2024/2025 jersey and ‘loan’ it back to the club, the shirt will be worn throughout the regular season. We will have a special handover evening towards the end of the season, where you can have a photo with the player. The jerseys will then be continued to be used until the end of the regular season. Arrangements for the collection of your jersey will be made towards the end of the season.

Our Own & Loan information on the website is updated periodically, so may not be a true reflection of the jersey availability. Please be aware that our jersey availability is updated manually by our volunteers, so during busy periods, there may be multiple requests for the same jersey. In the event this happens, we will offer the jersey to the first enquirer by the way of timestamps in our email inbox. Storm Support are not responsible for delays in emails being received.

Once you have selected and submitted your Own & Loan enquiry, our team of volunteers will endeavour to process your request and send you a payment link within 48 hours. Once we send the payment link, you will have 48 hours to complete your payment. Failure to complete your payment withing the allotted time will result in the jersey being returned to general sale. Please note, we will start the 48-hour time from the timestamp on the email in our sent folder, not the time it may arrive with you.

All payments are final and cannot be returned, sold or transferred without prior agreement by Storm Support.

The club reserve the right to select your player for our ‘Shirt of the Back’ raffle. In this instance, your player will NOT wear your Own & Loan jersey for that game. Instead, they will wear a new jersey that will be stamped with the game details and presented to the winner at the end of the competition.