Home Improvements Inside The Storm Shelter!

PRE-SEASON: Tickets for our pre-season fixtures on Wednesday 20th September are available online HERE, by calling 0161-926-8782 or in person at the Planet Ice Box Office!

With pre-season underway and our competitive campaign kicking off this Saturday, we thought it would be the perfect time to run through some ‘home improvements’ we’ve made to the ‘Storm Shelter’.

As outlined in our ‘Beginners Guide To Manchester Storm‘, we hire the venue from Planet Ice and transform it into the ‘Storm Shelter‘ on match nights. The club are always striving to perfect the overall experience for our fans and have made some significant improvements within our boundaries.

We’re continuing to grow a positive working relationship with Planet Ice and worked closely with them over the summer. We’re delighted to say the new GM of Planet Ice Altrincham has already worked hard to improve the toilets over the summer with plans to continue the improvements over the coming months.

We look forward to sharing more of our plans over the coming weeks and as always, if you have any feedback – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ryan Finnerty – rf@storm-office.com – General Manager
Liam Hesketh – liam@storm-office.com – Director of Operations

alternatively you can reach out direct to Planet Ice, Altrincham – gm.altrincham@planet-ice.co.uk


At the start of the 2022/23 Elite League season the club invested in a large digital screen as we knew it was integral to improving the fan experience and although the outlay significant, the response to the screen has been fantastic and certainly proving worth the investment. We are able to not only show the live feed of the game, but also replays, pre-game ‘impact’ videos, player introduction videos, official partner graphics, video content and much more. We aim to bring the most out of the screen this season and we are delighted with the feedback so far.


As many of you will have noticed on Saturday during our first pre-season fixture – we have a brand new sound system inside the ‘Storm Shelter’. This was high on the clubs list of improvements as alongside the big screen, the sound system really has the potential to take our fan experience to the next level. We know over the years it’s been difficult to hear our match night announcer in many areas of the arena and we’re delighted to say after a few sleepless nights in the run up to the new season, the system is fully installed, tested and the feedback on Saturday was incredible.


One area that was on the list of much needed improvement was our corporate and hospitality offerings and we’re certainly well on our way to achieving the goal. We now have hospitality areas in Block 101, 107 & 111 with availability for all areas throughout the 2023/24 Elite League season. This of course will be a huge income stream for the club as we look to grow all aspects of our organisation.

For more information please contact rf@storm-office.com or mark@storm-office.com.


If you joined us inside the ‘Storm Shelter’ on Saturday evening you may have noticed the official store has undergone a serious overhaul! Some very hard work over the summer months has gone into creating a much improved space. Be sure to check it out on your next visit! Whilst we have your attention, our online store has also had a makeover! You can check it out HERE.


Club staff have worked hard over the last two seasons to make the ‘Storm Shelter‘ more appealing visually with block banners being sold to club partners and we have some plans in place to make it look a little more like ‘home’ ahead of the first competitive fixture this Saturday. Stay tuned.

With a 40% increase in season ticket sales alongside an incredible start to the 2023/24 season which saw 1,902 fans inside the ‘Storm Shelter’, with your support we will continue to invest in the club, facilities and grow the sport we love in the biggest and best sporting city in the world – Manchester.

PRE-SEASON: Tickets for our pre-season fixtures on Wednesday 20th September are available online HERE, by calling 0161-926-8782 or in person at the Planet Ice Box Office!