Match Report: Storm 4 Steelers 5 (SO)

TICKETS: The Go Goodwin’s Manchester Storm are back in action this Sunday 9th October with a Challenge Cup match against the Nottingham Panthers. Face off is at 5.30pm and tickets can be ordered online or by calling the box office on 0161 926 8782, or in person at the box office.


Your Go Goodwin’s Manchester Storm moved closer to qualifying for the quarter finals of the Challenge Cup after picking up a point in a feisty game against rivals Sheffield Steelers. The final score was 4-5 after a hard fought gritty game which concluded with penalty shots.

The atmosphere at the Storm Shelter was electric and the first period started very physically, with Coach Pacha and Steeler Colton Fretter squaring up within the first minute of the game. A very physical game then continued with both teams testing out the opposition goal tenders and each others tempers before Sheffield winger Schultz slotted one in after a break away.

At 8:52 in the first, Jack Prince received a minor penalty placing Manchester on the penalty kill for the first time in the game.


Steelers weren’t able to take advantage with the extra man, in fact it was the Storm who got the equalising goal short handed, with a beautiful back handed shot that went past Mustukovs, levelling the score at 1-1. A galvanised Storm went on to kill the penalty. The rest of the period went without further goals but with plenty of action, both teams playing end to end physical hockey.


The second period saw the refs getting busy with a number of infringements in the starting minutes. The Steelers getting the first for an infringement on Dziurzynski, which was shortly followed by Storm captain Trevor Johnson receiving two minutes for tripping. The Steelers killed their penalty leaving Storm with a man down which was shortly turned into two men after Neilson received a two minute call for slashing. Yet another call for slashing was made shortly after for the Steelers making it 3 on 4. All penalties came to an end with the goal tenders on both teams making some awesome stops to deny further goals.

With 11:41 to go in the second, the game bubbled over with Coach Pacha, Cody Cartier and Steeler Fretter all receiving 5 minutes for their part in an altercation, with Steelers enforcer Fizgerald receiving 5 plus 2 for his involvement. After all players returned to the ice, Storm were once again placed onto a penalty kill where they conceded a goal from Roy to leave the Steelers ahead 2-1 with 7:32 to go in the period. There was still time for a further fracas with Mario Trabucco joining Steelers counterpart Jonathan Phillips in the box at 34:23.

The third period started with Storm successfully killing off the remainder of a penalty. The penalties then continued throughout the period with both teams rarely being at full strength. The Steelers slotted in a goal while 4 on 4 and again a short while later while 5 on 3 to make the score 4-1 with 13:31 left to go in the final period. With tempers flying high, Ehrhardt and Fitzgerald dropped the gloves with 11:28 to go.

ValcakThe clock then ticked down with tempers raised on both sides and Storm’s hopes all but lost….or so it appeared!! With 4:22 left on the clock and the score at 4 – 1 to the Steelers a hero emerged in the form of super Mario Trabucco whose powerful shot hit the back of the Steelers goal. Digging deep and only 30 seconds later Super Mario scored again, bringing the score to 3-4. The atmosphere from fans in the Storm Shelter exploded and your Manchester Storm players responded by taking control of the remainder of game. Going into a Storm power play, Clemente was pulled. Against the odds once more, and from 4-1 down, Storm pulled level with a goal at short range from our very own Patrick Valcak!

Valcak x1

The game then went into overtime with both teams failing to score a winning goal despite the open ice afforded by 3-on-3 hockey. Steelers forward Desbiens received 2 minutes for slashing at 1:44 but Storm were unable to press home the advantage.

The Storm Shelter’s electric atmosphere continued going into penalties. The first match ups resulting in goals from both Storm player Dickin and Steeler Shultz. The second set, both teams scored again with Valcak keeping things level for the Storm after Armstrong scored for the Steelers.

The third match up resulted in another Steeler goal from Valdix, leaving Storm needing to score to keep things level. Super Mario skated forward and although the puck appeared to cross the line to the loudest roar yet from the crowd, the referee signalled a no-goal resulting in a Steeler win.

Man of the Match was Super Mario Trabucco, after a fine display on the ice throughout the evening resulting in your Go Goodwin’s Manchester Storm gaining one more point in the Challenge Cup. The result leaves Storm on five points with qualification for the quarter-finals firmly in the team’s own hands.

Next weekend, Storm travel north on Saturday 8th September for a Gardiner Conference clash against the Fife Flyers, before facing in-form Nottingham Panthers at the Storm Shelter on Sunday 9th September (Face-Off 5:30pm). Panthers edged out Storm on Saturday in a 13-goal thriller and very feisty affair, and the return match on Sunday promises to be another classic with your Go Goodwin’s Storm out for swift revenge!

Highlights from Sunday’s barn burner of a home game vs the Sheffield Steelers are now LIVE! CLICK LINK BELOW!

TICKETS: The Go Goodwin’s Manchester Storm are back in action this Sunday 9th October with a Challenge Cup match against the Nottingham Panthers. Face off is at 5.30pm and tickets can be ordered online or by calling the box office on 0161 926 8782, or in person at the box office.