Coach’s Corner – 02/11/15

Hi Storm fans,

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and our first back to back victories.

Saturday was a big home win. We needed it as a team. Considering the week we had with injuries and sickness, it was incredible to get a result. The boys really battled through it. It also was great to see the smiles back after both games. We knew we were nearly there and that we needed a few bounces to go our way and it did on Saturday.

On Sunday, we played a simple good road hockey game. We used our speed well and played a good defensive game. When you play well defensively, the offence usually comes. And it did!! I think we missed 4-5 empty nets but as a team we stuck to it and kept working hard.

Many players played very well this weekend. Though, one in particular was Zane Kalemba. He made some huge saves for us and had his best weekend of the year. Hopefully, he keeps going and the guys keep playing well in front of him.

As a club we view it as really important to develop local talent. I am sure all members of the team will all agree that Jared Dickinson played a big part this weekend. He played extremely well for us defensively and he created a few chances to score as well. Its always fun to see local guys come up and work hard for the team!!

Our first team goal was to make the Challenge Cup Quarter finals. It is a great accomplishment seeing the group we are in. I am looking forward to this weekend’s game and looking forward to seeing all the fans on Sunday at the Shelter, when we take on the Belfast Giants. 5pm Face Off. Bring the noise!!