Around the Rink: Manchester Storm Art!

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You probably see amazing hockey themed artwork from time to time doing the rounds on social media. It turns out there’s a few talented Manchester Storm fans around the Storm Shelter and we wanted a chance to share it. This week we spoke to Storm fan, Emily Ritson and asked her a few questions about her art. We hope you appreciate it as much as we do!

Hi Emily, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’ve always loved drawing. One of my earliest memories is being in trouble for drawing little stickmen all over my nana’s white leather sofa before I could even talk. (She left the pen out!)

I’m self taught. I try and learn something new from each drawing. I used to draw pictures for my friends at school and charged them 50p but now I mainly draw for fun and in my spare time.

What has been your favourite Manchester Storm drawing to date?

Emily: My favourite drawing was the latest one of Matt Ginn. It was a real challenge with all the detail in the kit, but that’s what I enjoy.

Which player was the hardest one to draw?

Emily: The hockey drawings are all pretty hard because of the minor detail needed. You have all the sponsors and badges, and then the kit. The lettering is always the trickiest part. The Ginn drawing was the most detailed i’ve done so far, but I like challenges, so it was fun!

Which player do you plan to draw next?

Emily: I always look through the photos after games and see what I can I find. I always think of which ones would translate well into a drawing. There was one of Felix Poulin which I thought would look pretty cool so that’s what i’m working on now.  

Is there anything else you want to add?

I’d really like to start adding more colour to my work. I’m just hoping that i’m on Santa’s nice list so that he will bring me some nice crayons.

Tuesday 27th November is the inaugural Manchester Storm and Salford University Student Night event at Tiger Tiger Manchester! It’s the perfect opportunity to socialise with friends and meet the players. Drink offers available, find more information HERE!