UoS Alumnus 2016 with a 1st in Sport Rehabilitation

Currently run my own business, Re-Charge Sport Massage & Sport Injuries Specialist, as well as working for Storm and A&C Rehab.

I am a clinical injury and sport massage specialist with a range of experience from varying levels of sport and competition. As a Semi-professional rugby union player, I’ve seen my fair share of injuries and have put the hours in to recover and get back to competitive sport.  I know the ins and outs of rehab and am very good with hands on treatments such as sports massage.

My role at the storm is to aid the players at training as well as pre, during and post-game via massage, acupuncture, stretches and mobilisations. Any injury picked up by the boys, big or small, is assessed thoroughly with rehab appropriately advised and agreed with the individual, with the aim to get that individual up and running, pain free, as quickly as possible.

I have an extensive background in rugby since the age of 8. Gaining experience from 18 with Widnes Vikings RL, Salford Red Devils RL, Tonga RL, Sale Sharks RU and MMU RU 1 XV, so contact sports with dangerous elements are not new to me.

Further experience has been gained via the M.O.D and shadowing a NHS consultant in clinics and surgeries.

Was with the storm last season 15/16, helping the previous rehab team, now the rehab lead.

Huge interest in ice hockey since I was very young, followed the original storm as well as Tampa Bay lightning.