Omar Pacha opening comments

Hi All

I want to take this opportunity to say how much I am really looking forward to this upcoming season.

First off, I am extremely thankful to Mark Johnson and this management group who have put their trust in me for this season. I am also happy to be working closely on a day-to-day basis with Neil Russell and Pete Russell – both will help the organisation immensely.

From the staff to the players, I believe we will be hardest working team in the league. It will be a great challenge this year and I am truly confident we can make this a memorable year both on and off the ice.

We have put together a very fast, skilled and physical hockey team. These players are all hungry for success and want to make this first season back in Manchester a memorable one. The guys are all great hockey players but most importantly better people. Pete and I worked extremely hard researching the best players available to make a team the whole city will be proud of. We believe we will have a competitive team every single night and will always leave everything on the ice. It’s exciting times!!

Now, I guess I’ll join the bandwagon too #StormComing