MERCH | Manchester Storm form partnership to bring ‘Glassic Moments’ to the Storm Sports Store!

Manchester Storm are thrilled to announce a partnership with start-up business ‘Glassic Moments.’ The company will provide a very unique piece of merchandise to the Storm Sports Store!

The company

The first singing glass was nothing more than a bit of a chance creation by Nik Hudson, who was playing with a vinyl printing machine. Nik made a glass with a football logo one day, put a code on to a well known club anthem, shared the idea online and was literally inundated with requests from people to buy them. 

The siblings then mocked up a Storm version and shared it on the supporters club FB page and the response was amazing. 

From there, they discovered there was a market for producing not just personalised glass but one that can be linked to a song or piece of music that most reminds you of the image or text on the front of the glass. Glassic Moments was born. 

The company are a start-up, home based partnership business between Leigh and Nik Hudson. All of the personalisation is hand applied with the greatest of care. whilst the siblings have an ever-growing portfolio of ready designs, they are always looking to try something new, so are happy to work with customers to design their own personal ‘Glassic Moment’. 

The Product

The concept of the singing glass is the bringing together of an image or piece of text, in this case the Storm logos, with a code that when scanned using a smartphone or tablet, will auto play a customer picked song or piece of audio. 

For the storm retro range, the company have tried to bring some song suggestions to the glass that Storm fans would associate with the 90s era of the club. The beauty of the glass is that everyone will have their own memory of a song that they most associate with the classic Storm era. As long as a song is licensed, Glassic Moments are happy to link it to the glass to create the buyers personal memories. No two glasses need be the same. 

Leigh Hudson, co-founder of Glassic Moments commented: “From being an 11-year old boy watching Ice Hockey for the first time in the Nynex arena early in season one, my love for Manchester Storm has been constant.

Working with the club to bring this unique product to the Storm fans old and new is a massive honour for us and hopefully we can help them re-live some of their own special memories every time they sit and watch a game or just chill out with their singing glass.

Hopefully we can continue to develop our product with the club and have some great fun along the way.”

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