Match Night Games



Chuck-A-Puck is a fun and unique contest at the start of the second period break during Manchester Storm’s ice hockey games. Pucks cost £1 each and can be purchased from the Storm Support Match Night Desk located near the food court under Block 113. Fans who have purchased a numbered foam puck will throw their puck towards Lighting Jack who will be standing on the centre line. Prizes vary week on week and include Storm Sports shop vouchers, cash prizes, merchandise and other sponsor prizes.

Shoot The Puck

Can you beat Lightning Jack?!  “Shoot the Puck” is a new match night game which is being introduced into the start of the first period break during Manchester Storm’s home games. 3 lucky fans will be selected at random. Each fan will be given 2 shots to try and beat Lightning Jack by getting the puck through any of the 3 slots available in front of the goal. Will you earn the bragging rights by beating Lightning Jack.