In November of last year the club made the decision to bring in security staff to work alongside our stewards on game nights.

The decision was due to not only wanting the best possible safety for our fans and the increase in crowd numbers, but also due to the fact we’d had an increase in reports of people sneaking into the venue without purchasing a ticket.

The initial decision was to simply stamp all paid (including ST holders) attendees with a water based ink stamp in which the stewards and security could quickly and easily make out who had permission to be inside the venue. We introduced this with immediate effect due to wanting a policy in place in a timely fashion.

Now the club have had chance to listen and collate feedback over the last few weeks, the decision has been made to only stamp attendees who wish to leave the arena and re-enter, i.e to smoke.

Bag checks will remain in place for the safety of our attendees.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the ‘Storm Shelter’ once again on Saturday 13th January 2024 as we take on Sheffield Steelers in league action. Tickets can be purchased online HERE
– Hands stamps remain in place but only for those looking to leave the arena and re-enter (smoking area)
– Bag checks remain in place for attendees safety
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