Own & Loan 2022/23


Player Home 1 Home 2 Away Alternate Warm Up
#30 Hayden Lavigne Dan Whittaker Dan Whittaker Chloe Oakes Jack Cooper  
#31 James Downie   Andy and Emily McCusker £100   £75
#35 Jeremy Brodeur Ffion Lewis Tony & Lynne Hoyle Sue & Dale Dalton   Nikki & Paul
#6 Chase Harrison   £100 £100   £75
#7 Kevin Ekman Larsson Jordi Mark Noakes Paul Beddoes Craig & Charlie Sykes Euan
#8 Tyler Barrow   S Riley £100   Sue and Sam Riley
#10 Dallas Ehrhardt 4th Sale Central Brownies & Guides’ & 2nd Sale Central Rainbows’ Jay Fielder Sarah Finn Kaarina Philpott Kaarina Philpott
#11 Cam Critchlow Andrew Ellis David Mills & Daniel Mills The Amos Family Tracy Thornton Nat Hammond
#12 Stephen Johnson Jessica Johnson Lynne £100 Rachell Wood & Ella-Marie Gilbert Tracy Thornton
#13 Joe Hazeldine The Norden Family Laura Elaine Padley Chloe Challis £75
#14 Chays Ruddy Dan Thomson Tony & Lynne Hoyle Jake Edwards Paul Beddoes Sinead Grimes
#16 Tyson Fawcett Alice Noakes Cheryl & Harley Alisdair Stout Andrew Dean Dan Cusick
#17 Finlay Ulrick   George Chadwick Megan Thomas   Elaine Padley
#18 Ryan Barrow Paul Beddoes Watson Stirrup Architects Ltd £100 Christine Latimer Alice Noakes
#19 Jordy Stallard       Ali Ross  
#20 Mike Korol   Jake Edwards £100   £75
#21 Zach Sullivan Stuart Latham Alisdair Stout & Amber Fleet Sue Connor   Pride Unicorn
#24 Jonathan Desbiens   £100 £100   The Riley Family
#25 Scott Simmonds Francesca Hyde Andrea & Kev Thompson Rachel Chapman Francesca Hyde SLATEY 61
#26 Jake Bricknell   £100 £100   Jessica
#54 Zac Herrmann   Paul Beddoes £100 Tony Hoyle Demi Godiff
#71 Anthony DeLuca Rob Latimer Emily Connor Elaine Padley Siân Philpott Jack Cooper
#73 Jacob Lutwyche   Carl, Lui & Oscar £100 Ash Clarke £75
#81 Cole Carter   Jen Carter £100 Nathan, Nicola & Willow Carter Sue Riley
#86 Liam Blackburn   Zayn Strachan Callum Marshall   Luke Evans
#89 Jesper Ohrvall John Philpott Erin Myatt Sandra Kötter Dan Thomson Galasso
#96 Ben Solder          


Own and Loan Auction is to be based on “Silent Auction” style. 

To register your bid, email ownandloan@storm-office.com with your choice of jersey and your bid in the subject line, e.g: 

“Dallas Ehrhardt – Home One – Jersey £125” 

Any missing information will invalidate your bid. 

If you are the highest bidder, you will be notified via email. If you are outbid, you will be notified via email. If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you will be notified via email and a payment link will be sent. 

Any jerseys purchased at the “Buy it Now” Price will immediately end the auction for that jersey.  A social media post will then go out to let fans know this jersey is no longer available. A payment link will be sent to the purchaser. 

We will release regular updates on current bids our social media pages. 

Please note that the email account is monitored by volunteers so is not always manned. We will endeavour to check the email inbox every hour between 10am – 10pm to respond to new messages. 



The time stamp of an email will determine the order of bids. 

All bids are final. Do not email in if you have no intention of paying for a jersey you win. This will result in future bids not being considered. 

Winning bids have 48 hours to complete payment.  If payment is not received, the jersey will be offered to the next highest bidder or returned to Storm Support. Failure to make payment may also result in future bids not being considered. 

ALL jerseys have the same reserve price (Home, Away = £125, Alternative/CC = £100).  

“Buy it Now” prices will differ due to demand of certain jerseys. This will be under constant review and Storm Support will work hard to find the balance between value for fans and revenue generation for the club. 

Storm Support reserve the right to not accept bids if foul play is suspected.  

Not all jersey’s will be offered via auction. We reserve the right to offer O&L Jerseys via Raffall. This will be communicated via our social media channels when a player has been announced.